Career Services
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Our career coaching services are designed for the individual client.  We're providing support directly to the employee - You. We provide HR and workplace advice to the individual through private contact and/or consultation. When it comes to our personalized career coaching services, we are people advocates first, business partners second ; providing the opposite approach of traditional HR departments that are primarily driven by company directives and goals and have the company’s interests as their objective. View our list of career coaching services below to learn more about how we can help you.

  • Ask HR!


    Do you have a specific question that you would like to ask HR? We’re here to help. Email your question to us and a Human Resource professional will respond.

  • Trouble on your job?


    Consult with us. We have HR professionals who can help you navigate workplace issues, solve problems, regain momentum, and much more.

  • Live Phone Consultation


    Wondering where to take your career? Just need to speak with someone? Speak with our experienced HR professionals who have your interests at heart.

  • Gold Career Package


    Having a conversation or two with a HR professional can help your career. Building an ongoing relationship that you can refer to regularly for advice at critical times in your career is key to maintaining a successful career. We can be that regular contact for you.

  • Platinum Career Package


    Let us partner with you in moving your career forward. Not only will you have access to seek our opinions on workplace situations at any time, you will also have our guidance in building and sustaining your career in the future. We'll be right there with - just a key stroke away.

  • Executive Coaching


    There are reasons why some people rise to the top and others don't. Let's face it, there's a small group of people who seem to share the secret to executive success. At EvenChange, we know what it takes and can share what we know will get you there.