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A few words about us

EvenChange was launched in 2009 in response to a growing need from the general working professional to get answers to their everyday workplace issues and concerns.  Out initial offerings were services directed at the individual employee - providing them with HR advice and individual consultations to help them address workplace issues and/or navigate their careers.  Our Career Consulting and Career Coaching goal was and continues to be helping others manage their careers successfully.
As a result of our success, we begin to receive requests from corporate clients to help them support and educate their workforces on career planning and ownership - essentially, helping their employees to build successful careers.  In the process of providing career consulting for corporate organizations, we discovered that our clients were able to achieve a greater level of success when a holistic human resource service approach was implemented in conjunction with career consulting services.  Sometimes internal changes may need to occur in order to fully support new employee career strategies.  In 2011, we launched end-to-end human resource consulting services to our clients.  Our Human Resource Consulting goal is to help organizations reach their ultimate potential by creating talent strategies that build and support high performing cultures, and thereby, provide a platform for their employees to build high performing long-term careers.

EvenChange was founded by Charlotte Ntreh. Charlotte is a senior level human resource executive and business leader with over 20 years of experience and is an effective leader in translating business objectives into talent strategies. Charlotte's experience in human resources, business operations, and analytics uniquely enables her to design and deliver quantitatively driven results for her clients.  Her scope of experience covers all ares of the human capital lifecycle as well as the business management and operations process and she has worked across multiple industries, workforce types, and organization levels.  Charlotte has held a global leadership role at Accenture and has worked for other corporations in the US.

As a passionate leader and advocate, Charlotte is very committed to helping others obtain and sustain successful careers.  She has worked in both small and large organizations, managed U.S. and global job related issues, and has extensive knowledge on what it takes deliver human capital results as well as build a successful career. She is a recognized HR operations leader, people developer, and career growth expert.

Our advantage

Experience. We utilize experienced personnel to deliver optimal solutions to clients.  Our partners have experience across many business disciplines, industries and markets.

Results. We deliver - period.  We customize every approach and solution to the clients need and target results that feed profitability.  Our clients and their interests come first and we work diligently to ensure that the end result to our client is satisfactory.

Global. EvenChange offers global expertise and our leadership and partners have experience in supporting over 40+ countries worldwide. Wherever your needs are, we're ready to help.

What we offer

EvenChange can provide you with the expertise you need to successfully enhance your workforce productivity and add value to your company's bottom line. We offer services designed to generate positive results, both short term and long term. Here are the primary service areas we support for both the business customer and the individual customer.