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Staying on top

We take our clients and their business needs very seriously and we work hard to ensure that we're staying relevant, reachable, and ready.

Maintaining an active presence in the global, local, and virtual business community is very important to us and key in delivering results to our clients.


Evenchange Works for You!

What's happening

Leadership interview
Listen in as our CEO is interviewed about the importance of mentors.
EvenChange Radio
Tune into our radio show for information and advice.
Career Consulting Video
See our latest video.
Check out our blog for tons of information.

In the news

PR.com  EvenChange launches company.

Coming soon EvenChange, 'Top Secret' book.

Available now. 50 things your HR department won't tell you.

Events and engagements

  • HR.com Reward & Recognition Virtual Conference
  • University of Dallas, HR Analytics Discussion
  • Dallas HR, Future Trends of HR Analytics
  • NDCBF Career Conference
  • EvenChange Power Career Conference
  • Southwest HR Conference (attending)