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We have different levels of service designed to meet your changing needs. Choose the service that is best for you using our recommendations below.




Do you have a specific question that you would like to ask HR?  We’re here to help.  Email your question to us and a Human Resource professional will respond utlizing their years of expertise.  This service is best suited for career and workplace situational questions that do not require research, state or federal specific responses. This option allows you to get an inside, HR perspective with complete privacy.  A response will be emailed to you within 3 business days.



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Phone Coaching Session and Workplace Consultation

Have a live phone conversation with a HR professional to discuss your career, ask detailed questions, and get one-on-one career advice and coaching. These sessions are highly recommended to ensure that the HR professional can adequately understand your background, your current employment status and state, and ensure that we’re giving you a completely tailored response that fits the details of your situation. The session can last up to 60 minutes.  We recommend this session for all career levels and stages.


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Gold Career Package

Purchase 3 live, phone coaching sessions and consultations for a discounted price. Sessions can last up to 60 minutes each.  We highly recommend this option for individuals who are serious about charting their career and are looking to establish regular coaching sessions. We recommend that you speak with our HR professionals twice a year (once every six months) as a regular checkpoint and then reserve the third session for advice at any point in the year when you need our services (e.g., promotion discussions, requesting compensation increases, potential layoffs, etc.)  Services must be completed within 1 year of the purchase date.


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Platinum Career Package

With this package, you will have an assigned HR professional as your career advisor who will work closely with you to provide advice and guidance.  This package includes 3 live 1-hour phone consultations with your assigned HR professional and 3 Ask HR! email requests.  Through your phone consultations and email requests, you will have personal and ongoing access to a career advisor at the point of need. This package is a “MUST HAVE” for progressive professionals building progressive careers.  Services must be completed within 1 year of the purchase date.


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Executive Career Package


For executives who are seeking personalized career coaching and advice, please call us for customized service options and pricing.

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Pre-Paid Services

If you have previsously purchased services via one of the packages above, please click on the email link to the right to request your remaining services. 

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