At EvenChange, we’re here to help you and we make it our priority to give you our best and most helpful career advice and opinions. However, don’t just take our word for it. Here are quotes from some of our previous career counselees.

“[An EvenChange HR Executive] has been one of the most invaluable enablers of my life! In the six years as my professional and personal role model and mentor, she has helped me build a successful life work balanced life style. Her counseling tips has afforded me with several years of success in performance feedback in the highest of ratings and from top, very well respected leadership in an extremely high performing company. One of my favorite of her many phrases is, “It is what it is.” This may sound like just another cliché but once you’ve let [her] council you, you’ll quickly see this is by no means just a cliché, it is a way of approaching professional and personal life situations and she has taught me how to put them in a perspective that lends wisdom, respect, authority and peace. [She] has been and always will be a priceless treasure to me and I look forward to her friendship in the years to come.”

--Lynn V. (New York, NY)

“I want to thank you for a being a great career counselor, mentor and a supporter.  Your advice and mentoring over the years have been a great source of inspiration as well as good ‘ole common sense. To this day I can still hear your advice in my head when making a decision about my career.  Thanks again for caring enough and giving me a drop of your wisdom.”
--Rhonda S. (Raleigh, NC)

“I’m so thankful to have [EvenChange] to go to for career advice.  My contact helps me to see and consider things that I don’t typically think about.  I’ve definitely seen positive changes in my career and I’m happy to have someone to consult when I need to talk.”
--Ruby S.  (Las Vegas, NV)

“As a new Human Resources professional, I had a number of questions. I contacted [EvenChange] and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of knowledge they had and was willing to share with me. After spending only a short time with [EvenChange HR Executive] I was put at ease and knew I had a source I could draw on for a long time.”
--Jackson S.  (Tulsa, OK)